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Can't find what you're looking for?

Call Eva on 07736 700849



1.1 Where in the UK do you tour?

We are a national company and have tours all across the UK


1.2 Do you tour to homes for adults with Learning Disabilities?

We tour to all community venues, adults with learning disabilities are very rewarding audiences, we also tour to schools and care facilities.


1.3 What do you need from us?

All we require from you is a power socket, a space to perform and an audience to watch!


1.4 How much space do you require?

We bring a Backdrop curtain that is 6ft' tall and 6ft' wide. We also need room to move on and off 'stage' and perform in front - A minimum of 2.5 metres in front and 3 metres across. We ask that due to Covid 19 you situate the audience a minimum of 2 meters back from the 'stage' area.


1.5 When will you arrive?

The actors will arrive 15 minutes before the show is due to start. They pack away quickly and efficiently after the show so as to make as little disruption as possible.


1.6 How many performers will come?

We send two performers.


1.7 Do they need a room to change in?

No the actors have a small set/curtain that they will set up and use to get changed behind.


1.8 Is the show suitable for children?

Yes yes yes! The show is a family friendly show.





2.1 How do I book?

Please call 07736 700849 so that we can put your details in our diary we then ask for a deposit to confirm the booking.


2.2 How much does it cost?

We offer very competitive rates for our shows, please call 07736 700849 for prices. 


2.3 Can I have a booking form?

Please ensure you have called to confirm your agreed date & time. You can download a booking form here...


2.5 How can I pay?

From September – January we take card payments over the telephone. We also accept cheques, postal orders, online payments and BACS transfers. You can send cash in the post via ‘special delivery’ as this is insured by the post office. Or you can go into any Natwest bank and pay directly into our bank account.





3.1 Do you carry Public Liability Insurance?

Yes we carry £10,000,000 public liability insurance

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